Wednesday, June 23, 2010

South Africa World Cup 2010's world cup...I have been waiting for 4 years for it...

This year's world cup is held in South Africa as it beat Morocco and Egypt to become the Host of the world cup. This is the first time ever that the world cup is hosting in the wild wild place...

32 teams from all over the world had qualified for this years world cup...

Although it is held in South Africa...but Asian ppl still need to stay awake at night to watch the world cup...haihhhh...luckily it's summer that I can have more time to watch ^^

My favourite team in this world cup is SPAIN!!! viva spain! I hope they will end up as the CHAMPION!! however from the facts, no teams have won a world cup away from their region...For example, in the previous world cups, European countries only manage to win the world cup in either their own country or the other countries which is in Europe only. The only countries that manage to win in other Pacific's is Brazil!! So Brazil is easily a hot favourite for this year's world cup...However, I personally hope that Spain would break the duct to finally win a World Cup trophy...^^

As for my favourite player is Kaka!! (juz kidding =p) Kaka is the favourite for most of the girl supporters...hahaha...I m a great fan of Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal...I hope he will perform !!

Enjoy some photos of world cup 2010
World Cup's logo

The great Nelson Mandela with the World Cup Trophy

10 world cup stadium in South Africa

Cristiano Ronaldo

Kaka from Brazil

(Everything is under control)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Study Exam Sleep...Study Exam Sleep...Study Exam Sleep...

It has been my daily routine for the whole month of May...I hope I pass all my papers!!! *GOD bless*


this summer I have planned to hang around and find some long lost friends, n I M GOIN TO AUSTRALIA!! *woohoooo*

First time I will be going to that place...I am so excited that I can meet up with my friends who is studying there...

I m have been craving for holiday when i m having exam, and as I got what I wan I feel bored...haih..I need life...let's party...drink whole nite ^^

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


"If I fail, I will try again, again and again..."

The challenge in our lives are there to strengthen our convictions, they are not there to run us over. The human spirit can handle much more than we realize, it matters how you are going to finish. FINISH STRONG!!!

If you always complain at what you don't have, please take some time and have a good look at this video...

In life you have a choice, bitter or better ? Choose BETTER, and forget bitter.

Life without limbs or life without limits ?

Be thankful!

Credit to Nick Vujicic, a thankful person who was bitter.

Everything is under control

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Happy Birthday to 4 of my dearest friends...

14th of April => Navia

17th of April => Rai and Jess

18th of April => Jefry

May be it's fated that this 4 friends are celebrating their birthday on the same week...aiyooooo...y your parents cannot give birth 1 month later ? why la ? hahaha...^^

Let's talk about Navia, she's a dungu, always get kutuk and dunno what happen. During foundation, we always hang out together with the sakai fellas and it was so much fun !! I miss old times...We made a lot of noise in the Redang Hall until the hall tutor also came and gave us warning, wakaka!! I found that when Chinese and Indian mix together it's sooooo much more lively...To be honest, Navia is those friends that you must keep she is those who will stand up for friends when they are in trouble...^^

Rai !! She was my schoolmate in CHS and GF of abg Jefry...she's one of my very few decent friends, she always look so confident and gorgeous, she always know wut's she's doing...Although she has a bf, she's not a relying totally on him, she got her own life unlyk some of my friends who are just can't leave their bf's or gf's alone for even a freaking minute...Rai is such a 100% gf, she's willing to search for the stuffs that Jefry wants anywhere, although she don't have car, she'll find her way to search for it...As a friend, she is a good listener, she seldom criticize and always give positive opinions...^^

As for Jess, dis 1 a...too talkative and naughty d, cannot tahan...hahaha! I know her for 1 year adi, she's such a nice girl, when I first met her, she acts shy for an hour, den she cannot stop adi, she's always so energetic, she just cant stop, aiyo pb pb !! hahaha...Having such characteristic makes her cannot be bored for even 1 sec, yeah 1 sec! She will always organize something and find people to go crazy with her. I went to paintball with her once, and that was IMBA memorable, so many things that day, even got chase by some stalkers ? Dat was nervous moment and fun! hahaha...balls drop =.=...Nice kawan la u Jess ^^

Jefry, Mr. Santhosam, dis fella is the God of lies, this was the first name we gave him when we just knew each other for a week...he always have something to lie !! hahahaha...btw he steals things too...^^ all those food from Navia's room all he stole...hahaha...Jefry is the generator of our gang, when he is around the laughters will start and nvr ends ! His jokes are funnyy!!! He always threatened us that he will call his uncle, saying that, "Dontttt mess wif me, I will call my uncle ok?!""He'll come in just 22mins, dun play wif me" =.= yeah rite, you idiot fella, LOL...Last week, Deepak, Jefry and me went to Al-safa nearby One U to sheesha, it was one hell of the night, we just kutuk any1 that we dislike and collected a lot of karma!! hahaha, Jefry always unleash the real side of people, a very good example is Wee Szuan, our boss, in just 3 months, he transformed an innocent guy into a fella who talks a lot of cock with us adi...haha, Jefry, you are our guru, U R GOIN TO HELL, o yeah, we are following, no worries...ahha!! o btw, he is a very good listener too, and his ideas are awesome!! try it...

I hope that all four of you enjoy the gift I get for you all, HEART U all...^^


p.s. I dislike some CHEAPASKATE fellas in our gang, they are just so annoying...oh well, dis is life...cope wif it!!

Everything is under control

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Global warming causes the Earth starting to melt

Consequences ?

The world is getting unusually hot nowadays...even when it's at night!! =.=

Just because of global warming, people are starting to suffer...when it's humid and hot at night, a lot of people sleep peacefully, which leads to lack of sleep the next day....when one's lack of sleep, you would have bad breath, hot-tempered (slight), O-lean, lack of energy, looks pale, pimples popping out and MORE...

GO green people...greeeeennnnnn!!!

Everything is under control

Friday, April 2, 2010


The Ultimate Frisbee Hat League organized by UNMC had just ended on Thursday.

All the students who participated were separated equally into 4 teams consist of purple, red, green and yellow. 15 people in each team.

The hat league was one hell of the game, everyone just wanted to win the league so much, in addition of the leadership of each team's leader, they just give the best encouragement to the team to keep the spirit of the game continues.

I was placed in the yellow team, The Wild West Stack. We had got 6 games to play, our team chemistry just improved simultaneously game by game, although the results may show otherwise. We had got a few new players, they were newly introduced to the team but they had got the winning mentality. COOL!! Leadership from Alvin Chia, Carson Heng and Jonathan Goh had kept our spirit high to finish the games. *hats off to them*

The purple team won all their games and eventually became the CHAMPION!! 2nd went to the red, followed by green, the yellow team was last in the league but we kept the spirit on every match. We won THE BEST SPIRIT AWARD...^^

As for myself, I had a few mistakes but I had set my mindset to beat Nelson, in scoring since the first match!!! He had been leading in scoring for the past 2 days, I followed closely behind him. In the final day, I pushed myself to the limit and was a little bit lucky to have finally beat him in scoring. I was lucky cause he didn't score in the final match. *phewwww* I scored 17 and he scored 16...I AM THE TOP SCORER !! ^^. Wong won the Top Assist. As for the girls, Sze Jin won the Top scorer and Fatin (kakak) won the Top Assist.

Congrats to Shan Shan to have finally scored. =)..*owe u 1 meal*

I found that when your mindset wants to accomplished something very much, you will eventually do the impossibles. I have always have the positive thinking to achieve the goals set by myself.

Everything is under control

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Legen...(wait for it)...dary!!! ^^

Annual dinner 2010 by SA of University Nottingham Malaysia Campus in Shangrila Hotel, 20/3/2010

To be honest, when you go to a dinner with your BEST friends by suiting up, it's AWESOME!!!


It's actually quite hard to bring all your friends together to an event. We always planned something and it always went the wrong way...for example sunway lagoon trip, genting trip and the redang trip(last year). This was the first time we finally went to an event successfully, ^^ credit to Jefry(the GOD of lies) who brought us together....although he is good at lying, he has got brain to make us feel like coming to this annual dinner, we were looking forward to this dinner very much, our boss Wee Szuan even bought a 1k suit(approximately) just for this dinner...we even rent BENTLEY(that was just a thought).

When you suit up, the feeling is sooooooo just feel like you are an successful person...BUT in reality you will sweat till you HOT la....

Today, Jefry and Rai came with Wee Szuan's Bentley(vios), william came with Civic Type R (Civic), Vishnu came with 3 not so pretty girls by using CLS Mercedes(Mercedes), I followed Deepak's Suzuki Swiff(Myvi)...

When I reached Shangrila Hotel, I just saw a sea of people with BLACK's boring....hahah

After taking some photos with my friends, we went in the ball room, our table had 11 people instead of 10...due to some technical comment on this year's annual dinner is SUX...the food sux...sound system was ok but not fun...hmmmm....a lot of people was walking around compared to last year where mostly everyone was concentrating on the performance on the stage...

After 11 of us went to SKY BAR, it's a very romantic place, the couples enjoyed it very much, Deepak and I gay in the sky we saw UFO....hahaha

The best part of the dinner was the PHOTOS....^^

7 hell you guys in hell...LOL

The girls (Rai,MeiChee,Wenyun)


Harold and Kumar ?

Jess :)

Boss with girlfriend

Jefry and Rai

William and wenyun
Shan Shan...cute ha ?

Husband and Wife ?

Sawako, Maurice and Shan Shan ^^

Shan shan and Jess

Gan, Maurice and Caleb

Father of hell is the 1 sitting on the chair

Frisbee Gang ^^

Everything is under control